Beef Lamb & Pumpkin

牛羊肉 & 南瓜


  • 80%

    动物蛋白 Animal Protein
  • 20%

    蔬果 Fruits & Vegetables
  • 0%

    谷物 Grain
  • 适用对象 Suitable
    All Stages / 全种全期
  • 规格 TP
  • All Stages
  • 1.5kg10kg


Loaded with 100% fresh beef and lamb, plus with pumpkin and various fruits and vegetables, Beef Lamb & Pumpkin Recipe, brimming with goodness and intense flavor boost, balances cats’ daily nutrition and energy requirements, helps make cats’ skin and fur healthy and reduce cats’ inner hairball formation by promoting intestinal peristalsis.

  • Make Cat’s Skin Healthier



    Fish oil is rich in ω-3 unsaturated fatty acid, which participates in the metabolism of skin and serves as a necessary nutrient for the renewal and regeneration of skin cell. It can promote the secretion of collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis and keep skin elastic. At the same time, a protective film is formed on the skin’s surface to make skin moist. Rich flavonoids and Vitamin E in linseed oil help to remove the free radicals, and reduce the oxidative damage and skin problems.

  • Strengthen and Elasticize Hair



    Brittle hair can cause cats to swallow too much hair, forming hairballs. By adding nutrients that promote hair growth, such as biotin, sulfur-containing amino acids, chelate trace elements, Darmals can nourish the hair follicle, promote the sustainable and healthy growth of hair, and prevent unseasonal shedding. Cheese adding can provide rich protein to help with the synthesis of keratin, which is a structural protein that exists in animal hair and helps to strengthen and elasticize hair.

  • Limit Hairball Formation



    The shell of plantaginis is rich in dietary fibers. Its highly hydrophilic soluble fibers expand several times in water and form jellylike colloids. Not only can it lubricate the intestines to remove hair out of the body; but also stick and remove the hair in stomach and intestines, shorten the stay of hair inside and reduce the hairballs. Adding papain helps decompose the keratoprotein of hair to reduce hairball formation.

  • Promote Intestinal Peristalsis



    Fructo-oligo saccharide can provide nutrients for the beneficial intestinal bacteria, promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus in the intestinal tract and take the position the harmful bacteria adhere to. It is beneficial to regulate intestinal flora, maintain stable intestinal environment, improve the intestinal function. Micronized plant fibers like wheat grass can further accelerate intestinal peristalsis and help to remove hair out with the waste.

  • Great Palatability For Picky Kitten



    Authentic ingredients make great palatability. A variety of selected ingredients matched with high-content meat can guarantee nutrition supply and taste buds enjoy which is totally conforming with kittens’ original feeding habits. Great palatability make every meal a royal enjoy and completely satisfy picky cats.

Pumpkin moistens intestines for removing hair

– 南瓜润肠 排毛顺畅 –

  • Ingredients


    牛羊肉 Beef & Lamb


    Beef and lamb are red meat. Red meat, a source of easily absorbable protein, contains the amino acids closer to the need of animals than any other meat. Red meat, rich in iron content in the form of heme iron which has high bioavailability and is a good source of dietary iron. High Myoglobin content in red meat is effective to improve the endurance of the body and supply energy for show cats, pregnancy cats or lactation cats.

    南瓜 Pumpkin


    As a kind of common vegetable, pumpkin contains a variety of mineral elements and carotenoids. Pumpkin , rich in pectin, is helpful to promote bile secretion, protect gastric mucosa and alleviate the stimulation of cellulose. Besides, high content fiber in pumpkin can not only absorb plenty of water to soften feces, but also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis to reduce some problems like defecate difficulty caused by the hairballs.


    Fresh beef, Fresh lamb, Pumpkin, Dehydrated sweet potato, Pea, Chicken fat (mixed with vitamin C and rosemary as a natural fresh raw), Fish oil, Cottage cheese, Alfalfa, Apple, Blueberry, Flaxseed oil, Chicory root powder (main resource of FOS), Semen plantaginis powder, Wheat grass, Papain, Yucca powder, Methionine, Taurine, Dicalcium phosphate, Zinc amino acid chelate, Manganese amino acid chelate,, Iron amino acid chelate, Copper amino acid chelate, Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid, Vitamin B12.

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  • Feeding Amount and Method


    每日饲喂推荐量( 克/天)Recommended Daily Feeding Amount (g/d)

    喂食方法 Feeding method

    Refer to recommended amount, 3-4 times daily.

    Darmals recipes can provide all the nutrition for cats under normal condition. No need any nutrient supplements.

Feeding amount depends on the physical condition, age, activity, body temperature of your cat.

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  • Guaranteed Analysis (Based On Dry Matter)


    粗蛋白(Crude Protein)≥32.0%

    粗脂肪(Crude Fat)≥12.0%

    粗纤维(Crude Fiber)≤5.0%


    水溶性氯化物 (以cl-计) ≥0.3%

    水 分(Moisture)≤12.0%

    粗灰分(Crude Ash)≤10.0%



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  • Meat & DHA

    全肉 & DHA
  • Fish & Seaweed

    全鱼 & 海藻
  • Chicken Duck & Cranberry

    鸡鸭肉 & 蔓越莓
  • Beef Lamb & Pumpkin

    牛羊肉 & 南瓜
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Based on **’s information you have supplied, these are the best recipes for your cat. Please keep in mind that every cat has its own unique flavor preference and metabolism, only the right and exclusive formula can make you worry-free and make your cat happy and cheerful.